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Career Beginnings 1998-2004

I got started in real estate in 1998.  I was 23, and my parents became my business mentors.  They had been extremely successful in real estate, and I have been incredibly lucky to be able to learn from the best!  Thanks to my parents, I quickly learned how to be successful and how to help my clients succeed.  


I have always loved selling real estate. I love helping people, and I love the things I learn from this business.  A lot of the skills I learned (and continue to learn) help me in my personal life, just as much as with business.  What a cool job!  I get to learn, work with contracts and numbers, and help people!  


When I had my first child in 2001, I chose to stay home and generate business for my parents (including finding buyers for their listings).  I spent a lot of time on the phone and gained many of the skills that help my clients today.  

Where I Am Now 2010-Present

I really love to work.  LOVE to work.  I love helping people with what is usually their biggest investment  of their life.  What an honor it is to have people trust me in this process!  I also love working hard to accomplish a goal, and finding creative ways to solve problems.  I take my job very seriously, and I am constantly working on my skills and learning more about the business. 


I pride myself in getting up early and getting to the office early.  My mornings are crucial for the clients who hire me to sell their homes.  In the mornings, I mainly work to find new people who want to buy or sell real estate in an effort to get my clients home sold.  My afternoons are for returning calls, meeting with clients, negotiating contracts, etc. 


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Another Type of Sales  2004-2010

In 2004, I stepped away from real estate for a while because my hobby turned into a company that was getting more and more demanding.  The company was called Digital Scrapbook Memories.  I created digital graphics that I sold on CDs. I did really well with that business, and on my own, sold my CDs into 1200 stores the first year!  My biggest clients were Michaels, Hobby Lobby and QVC. 


I was on TV shows, in newspapers, and on the news lots of times.  I also created lots of events, including retreats where I taught Photoshop and sold my CDs.   I traveled on short trips around the country a lot, but for the most part was able to work from home, and stay home with my two kids.


Part of the reason I think I did well with this company was because of what I learned in real estate.  Through this digital scrapbook business, I learned additional skills that help me in real estate today.   I'm grateful for that. 


In 2010 I chose to sell the company, and soon after went back into real estate. I hope you'll agree that this background has helped me become a great salesperson and the things I learned will help me sell your house!

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