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Trusted Local Service Providers

I hope this list helps you!  As your realtor, I want to help you all I can. 

Home Loans

Dale Money - Network Funding  801-205-2948
I've worked with Dale probably 100 times, including on my own personal loans.  He's a very hard worker and very experienced.

Cynthia DeJong - Inspiro Financial  385-227-6991  

Cynthia is calm and easy to work with.  Knowledgeable, and does a great job.

Craig Clayson - Security National  801-573-1343 
Craig is a great lender and knows more about reverse mortgages than most!  


Shelly Fry - Bay National Title (BNTC)

This is the title company I almost always use.  They are very experienced and helpful!

Nick Manville - North Star Title - 801-317-7203
Great work ethic.  Excellent to work with.


Home Inspection

Cory Smith - HomeTeam Inspections
I hire Cory a lot.  I get very positive reviews from each of my clients that use him.  

Andy Torgerson - 360 Home Check- 801-735-4642

I really like working with Andy.  

Darrell Byers - Copperview Consulting and Inspections - 801-232-8864

They also do testing for asbestos, lead, mold & radon.  Very helpful when I had mold questions.   

Kyle Oler - Realty Check
One of my clients recommended this company to me.  I haven't worked with Kyle a lot, but I have worked with him enough to feel very confident referring him.  


Mike - Decontamination Specialists - 801-809-6932

Recommended by my preferred inspector.  Very helpful talking to him.  

Darrell Byers - Copperview Consulting and Inspections - 801-232-8864

They also do testing for asbestos, lead, mold & radon.  Very helpful when I had mold questions. 


Ward's Discount Carpet
The last 2-3 times I got new flooring, I used these guys.  They have great prices and got rid of all of the creeks in my old house.

Maxwell Floor Coverings
I used them once and had an ok experience.  I have several family members have had great experiences and recommend them. 

HardWard Floors
Jacob Ward 801-381-0020 - I have not used this company, but I would want to try them the next time I need hardwood installed or refinished.  


Jacob Garn - Clean Cut Painters - 801-633-1217

His quote was 2x Roman Painting.  However he was recommended to me, and sometimes you get what you pay for.  His work was excellent.

Spencer Richards - 801-433-8144

This man was recommended by the painter I used to always use, but retired.

Roman Painting - 801-750-9447

Referred by a couple family members.  His bid was 1/2 the price of others one client got.  ($13,000 for a home vs $25,900).   In my personal experience, saving money, doesn't always save you money).  But if you need/want budget and have time for the job to get done, this could be a good option.   

Bill Perkins - 801-633-2417

Highly referred by a past client of mine.  I've seen his work... it's great!

You could also call a general contractor (Dustin Snow has a great painter.. see directly below)

Sheet Rock

Ask me for information on Shane Adams or Barry Johnson

General Contractor

Dustin Snow - 801-891-2799
He's done several jobs for me (large and small), and he has done very quality work.  Very trustworthy and timely.

Pete Erekson
I have not personally used him, but I know several people that really love his work.  In hindsight I wish I used him to build our garage.  The other company who built our garage did a great job except they completely underestimated the price by a longshot.  The price ended up being exactly what Pete told me it would have been.  


Queue Vandenbosch (also a handy-mam) - 801-647-2353
She's always my first call for electrical work!


Christian McVey - 801-898-9328

His company is called "Mr. Friendly Fix"  His name says it all.  I love working with Christian, and my clients have always thanked me for referring him.

Ben Garcia - 801-604-1943
I love working with Ben!  He does great work and has great prices.  Just be aware, in the past he hasn't been quick, and hasn't followed the timeline he told me.  Still I'd definitely hire him again because he's very good.

Queue Vandenbosh (see her number above, under electrician)

John Spehler

I haven't used John yet, but he was recommended by someone I trust.

Pro Budget Handyman 801-856-8040

My mom used him recently and really liked him.  

Home Warranty

Acclaimed Home Warranty - call Sandra 385-232-6167
I'm really happy with how this company has treated my clients!  REALLY happy!

American Home Shield

I've had good success with this company.  They are my second choice.

Professional Organizer  

Sorting Through - Linda Hilton
She is worth every single penny!  She'll get more done in a short amount of time than you could in weeks.  Highly recommended!  If you want to move but can't possibly see how to move all your things, she will help.  She and her team specialize in downsizing, organizing and moving.  

Janet Allen - 801-698-3533

Professional Organizer

B Team Liquidations - Lou Barrett Milan - 801-503-4014

Estate sales, and has also helped us with junk removal.

Junk Removal


Junk King - Luke Wren - 801-849-9609

This is my first call when I need junk collected.  

Ben - Junk Box - 801-833-9681
I haven't used Junk Box yet, but they seem like a great service!

Moving Services

Portabox Storage  801-331-5799

Moving portable storage containers

Sugarhouse Storage 801-806-0742

Self storage in Sugarhouse

UtahBoxRental 801-433-2525

Heavy duty, stackable, plastic moving boxes (alternative to paper boxes)

Wasatch Transfer and Storage 801-599-3953

I have had two strong recommendations from people I trust to use this company.


Wes Swensen - 801-301-4014

Only used him once, but he did a great job, and answered all my questions.


1st American Plumbing+Heating+Air  801-386-9100

I needed help in a hurry and they were available... I'm so glad I used them.  The receptionist was helpful, and sent me a text where I could track how far away the technician was.  Then after the job was done they charged less than I expected.  Very positive experience.

Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating
They have done a good job for me.

Windows/Glass (Shower Glass)

Glass Crafters - 801-834-1106

I haven't personally used him yet, but someone I trust recommended him. 


Window Cleaning


Dane Hoover - 801-347-9407
Does a great job.  Helpful and easy to schedule with.

Closet Organizers

Melanie Clark - 801-201-1208

Very capable and experienced in designing closets

Housekeeping / Maids

Molly Maids
This company is my favorite!  I've tried several.  They are very professional.  They have a standard checklist which I think is a must in hiring a cleaner.  After their work is done a supervisor often comes to make sure everything is done right.  

Stucco / Exterior

Terry George Construction
My mom used him for stucco work and really liked what he did.  I found a KSL ad for him that says, "We are a licensed General contractor specializing in Stucco, Stone, soffit, fascia, hardy board, and all types of interior and exterior remodeling. We also specialize in solid surface decks".

Landscaping / Snow Removal

Kerry Mower - 801-792-4618

I love working wiith Kerry.

Mel - Lawn Care 801-706-2718

South Jordan area.  I switched to Mel and he has done an incredible job, especially compared to my last guy.

Turf Aid - 801-554-5037
They are very professional and hard working.  They helped me come up with an entire design plan for my yard!  

Jeffery Landscape & Maintenance, LLC - 801-566-0926
Excellent company and very trustworthy.  They do a really good job.  


SkyLight Solutions Systems

Did you know you can put skylights in a basement?  The skylights this company does are really great, and add so much light and VALUE to a home.  I have not personally used this company, but I've seen their work in several homes and have a client that told me how much they liked working with them.   

Estate Sale Companies

A-1 Estate Services    801-792-2335

I have had a good experience using this company.

B-Team Liquidators - Lou Barrett 801-503-4014

Has also helped with junk removal - may do online estate sales now

All in the Family – 801-583-1520

Family Affairs - 801-474-0707

Great company, usually only accept higher end homes, or homes with lots to sell.


Blue Moon Estate Sales - 801-803-2836

Newer company

Structural Engineer


Dixon Hyde - 801-898-8534
Dixon is the only structural engineer I could find that would come out quick, but that is not the only reason I'll use him again... he was friendly and appears to really know his stuff.  

Criterium-Bernhisel Engineers (Scott Bernhisel)   (801) 466-0931

Scott also does home inspections.  Well known in the real estate community.

Dany Tremblay


Savage Construction - 1 (801) 255-2146 

Lift Right Concrete - Mud Jacking

I haven't used them yet, but a friend I trust recommended them.

Pro Lift Concrete Lifting

I haven't used them yet, but a friend I trust recommended them.


Ryan Defa - 801-381-9477
He has helped me replace a couple sewer lines, and I liked working with him.

Easy Rooter - 801-664-9899
Sewer Scope


Columbia Pest Control - Jeff 801-292-1301

Financial Planner 

Michelle Bodine


Original Artwork 


Rob Adamson - 385-218-8016

Rob Adamson Studio
Rob is an incredible local artist.  He has a very impressive resume that includes many awards.    He's by far one of my favorite artists.

Pam Baumeister

Custom Watercolor


Coming soon... who would you recommend?

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