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The best way to find your new home!

1.  Let me know what you are looking for.

2.  I can set you up on an "auto hotsheet" and email you as soon as a house is listed that fits your criteria.

3.  Unlike most agents, if your dream house isn't on the market, I'll be your hero and work diligently to find it by talking to anyone I can.  

4.  Search online.  The most up to date website is  Zillow and Trulia are very unreliable, however because those sites are easy to use, my clients still use them.  Just be sure to fact check everything with me!

5.  Usually it only takes a couple weeks or less to find the right house and an awesome deal.  The good houses go FAST!  Be prepared to make a quick decision if we find a great deal.

6.  My goal is to help you make a good financial decision.  I'll discuss future resale with you before you purchase.  


The buying process...

1.  Get pre-qualified for a loan.  If you don't know who to call, I'll give you suggestions.

2.  Work with me to find a home.

3.  Once we find a home, I'll write up a contract for you to offer the seller and help you get that offer negotiated and accepted.  Note:  Most people close within 30-45 days after getting their contract accepted by the seller.  

4.  When you make the offer, you'll need to put down earnest money (a deposit).  Within a certain amount of time, you can get this earnest money back three ways:   A.  If your inspection on the home is unsatisfactory for ANY reason.  B.  If you don't get your loan   C.  If the appraisal doesn't come in high enough.

5.  Once your offer is accepted, I'll guide you through the entire process.  I highly recommend you pay for a professional inspection soon after your offer is accepted.  I'll help coordinate everything with inspectors, title companies, the lender, the seller, the city, the appraiser, home warranty company and every other person involved in the sale.   

6.  The best part is when I get to hand you the keys!  Usually you'll get the keys a day or two after you sign the final paperwork, but it depends what we negotiate.  Once you find a home, it usually takes about 30 days to finish the loan and close on the house.  

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