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Thorup Addresses


In time I'll add addresses here.  

Mabel father Abe Edna Eva at store.jpg

Smith Addresses


This was Hyrum J Smith's home.  He was an incredible gardener, and had gorgeous tulip gardens.  This house may have been on Hampton Avenue between 3rd and 4th East in Salt Lake (just west of Liberty Park).  I need to confirm.  He paid $750 for the house, and $250 for the land.    


In time I'll add more addresses here.  

GpaSmith house.jpg

Baird/Bair Addresses

In time, I'll add addresses here.

Thomson Addresses

In time, I'll add addresses here.

Park Addresses

My mom (Leslie Park Thorup) and Aunt Bonnie took pictures and got addresses of a lot of places in Idaho.  They have a recording of my grandpa, Bill Park talking about them.  I'll add that here in time.  

Laird Addresses

Edward Laird Home 840 E 21st South.jpg

Edward and Valeria Laird properties:

Mountain Dell Property - Edward Laird found some silver ore in Park City where the Silver King is.  He sold his claim for $1500, and bought property in Parley's Canyon near or where Mountain Dell Golf Course is.   Specifically, a history I read says their property is where Washington Park is.  


840 East Twelfth South (later becoming 840 East 2100 South) - This is the picture above.  Later in life, Edward and Valeria sold their property in Mountain Dell and moved here.  He also owned 817 and 820 East on that block where other family members lived.  


One of his daughter's married Charles Rich Snelgrove (as in Snelgove Ice Cream).  The year before Valeria Flint Laird died, she allowed Charles and Fidella to open their ice cream business up at one of their properties at 1055 E. 2100 South (Edward made a lot of money as a sheep farmer, then in real estate).  This is very close to where the tall Sugarhouse monument is.  Eventually after 1840, the houses at 820 and 840 E were razed to make room for the Snelgrove Factory and main store with the iconic giant spinning ice-cream cone sign. 


Read about the naming of Laird Avenue in SLC 

Payne Addresses

In time, I'll add addresses here.

Peck Addresses

RussonPeckMonument in Lehi UT.jpg

This monument is in Lehi, UT at Dairy View Park, where they used to live.