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Ideas for you to help with:

1/3/21  Research red names.  

11/13/22 Update - My grandpa, Wally Thorup did a lot of family history before he died.  I'm pretty sure he never knew for sure who Christian Larsen Thorup's parents were because I was looking at a pedigree chart he gave me.  When looking at FamilySearch, I'm not confident some of those Danish lines are right, so I'm working on that now, and specifically, I'm trying to match things up with DNA.  

Danish Research Tips for Beginners

1/1/21  Find half brother.  Look up Rasmus Andreas Rasmussen Berg LHRW-1TZ on Family Search.  One of his attached memories is a letter that mentions a half brother (Jacobsen) that is not listed on Family Search as of now.  You could try to find out who he is.  The letter will be confusing until you write down everyone's names in the letter and figure out who is who.  

1/1/21  Research Danish Poor Houses.  In the letter mentioned above, there is a lot of interesting information on how Caroline Marie Toldboe Berg raised her children after her husband Rasmus Anders Berg died.  If you find interesting things specific to the area they lived, you could post those as memories for the individuals of these families on Family Search for others to learn about their ancestors.

1/1/21  Google Translate Danish to English.  I would assume there are a lot of documents that need to be translated to English.  If you find letters, or records in Danish, use google translate and post what you find on FamilySearch in the memories or documents section for an individual.  Perhaps there are Danish websites that you could find information about the areas these family members lived in??

1/1/21  Check for mistakes.  What mistakes have I made on this website, or on the pedigree charts attached? 

11/13/22 update:  I'm realizing there is a lot to do to verify the names on the pedigree charts below.  I'm getting into that now.  I don't trust what is on FamilySearch for that Danish Thorup line yet.  

1/1/21  Learn about Hansine E. Petersen.  KWJX-CTB  I wonder what her story is.  I wonder how she joined the church.  If you can find information, share it on Family Search.   There is a neat story about her, in her daughter Hansine E Andrea Berg about her believing her daughter dreaming there was money at the post office for them, but that is all I know.  I have a lot of my grandpa, Wally Thorup's geneology records at my house... in time maybe I can find something on her here too.  

1/1/21  See Alvin Thorup's son Wally's DNA.  Click here.

1/1/21  Learn how to research using DNA.  Watch videos or read tutorials to figure out how to use DNA to research ancestors. 

11/13/22  GET A DNA TEST!  Better yet... make sure the oldest living family members you have are tested.  If you don't understand why, research why... or just trust me, and get it done before they pass away.  

11/13/22  If you have an AncestryDNA test done, will you let me be a viewer?  My username is AprilThorupOaks, and my email is Click here to learn how! 


TIP:  Do you know how to search by ID number on FamilySearch?  At the top of FamilySearch, click on search, then there will be a drop down where you can click on Family Tree.  On that page need to find where you click to search by ID number.  Can't find it... click here.  

1/3/21  Is Ann Margarethe Christiansdatter's husband listed right?  And who are her parents?  Her husband is 11 years older than her, which could be right, but you might as well look into this while you search for her parents.  K14S-STN

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