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Ideas for you to help with:

1/1/21  Interested in the Revolutionary War?  Look up Caleb Haight KWVQ-7TF and Keturah Horton's LLMF-2T6 fathers who both fought in that war.  See if you can find more documents for family members in that era.


1/1/21   Find Jerusha Reeds parents.  Also see if you can find more information on Jerusha's family.  Did she have another spouse or more children?   • LCPJ-H5V

1/1/21  Read about the Knight Family who were close friends with Joseph Smith before and after Moroni visited the prophet.  Tell your family the stories of our ancestors that knew Joseph Smith personally in an effort to get them interested in family history.  

1/1/21  Why is Adam Baehor spelled that way intead of Bair on Family Search?  Is his record right?  What documents can you find on him?  Can you confirm who his parents are?   • LT1W-LH9

1/1/21  Go to Church History Sites.  Take pictures of anything you can find relating to our ancestors.  There is probably a lot online already, and you could link these things to the memories section for individuals in Family Search. 


1/1/21  New records for Johannes Kornmann.  It appears there are a bunch of records no one has attached to Johannes Kornmann  • 9JRZ-QNP.  Perhaps records have been indexed in his area recently.  See what you can find for him and his family.   They are from France.  In additon to records found on FamilySearch, you could try this church recommended website:  I believe you can get a free subscription to Filae if you link through FamilySearch.  

1/1/21  View DNA from ML Baird's daughter Jeanne'  Click here

1/1/21  Learn how to use DNA to find common ancestors.  Why does Jeanne' have ancestors in or around India?  I'm guessing it must have started with one of her British ancestors when they colonized the area? The Indian DNA could be from this line or Lavon Thomson's line. 


11/13/22  GET A DNA TEST!  Better yet... make sure the oldest living family members you have are tested.  If you don't understand why, research why... or just trust me, and get it done before they pass away.  

11/13/22  If you have an AncestryDNA test done, will you let me be a viewer?  My username is AprilThorupOaks, and my email is Click here to learn how! 

TIP:  Do you know how to search by ID number on FamilySearch?  At the top of FamilySearch, click on search, then there will be a drop down where you can click on Family Tree.  On that page need to find where you click to search by ID number.  Can't find it... click here.  

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