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Ideas for you to help with:

1/1/21  Which name is right?  Is her name Ann Nancy Clough, or Nancy Ann Clough?  Family Search ID L6RT-2RH  I had her listed as Ann but went by Nancy.

1/1/21  Look up John Clough.  On FamilySearch, he has a couple potential duplicates.  These duplicates may give you more information on John.  There is also a death record dated 4 February 1795 for a Jas Clough that I wonder if it could be his son.   • KH2D-MFC

1/1/21  Who is Sir John Daws?  Recently I found a christening record for his daughter.  Perhaps you could find more records about him and his family.  New records are being indexed all the time.  Maybe the records in his area have just been indexed?  Family Search ID L2JN-9PS

1/1/21  Find Ann Baks family.  Ann lived in NY in the late 1700s.  I'd assume records have been indexed from that area in the past couple years and maybe you could find something new now.  LHQQ-GXD

1/1/21  Update Joseph's death, and look for more records.  There is a record of Thomas Buckley in the England, Derbyshire, Church of England Parish Registers, 1537-1918 that shows his son Joseph died 9 Mar 1794.  See if the details match up and if you can update Joseph's death.  Thomas  MQMV-B3N  Joseph MQ4R-RMH.  See if you can find more records for this family.  

1/1/21  See William D Park's son William L Park's DNA.  Click here.

1/1/21  Learn how to research using DNA.  Watch videos or read tutorials to figure out how to use DNA to research ancestors.  Note:  William's son Robert also has had his DNA tested.  I can't link it here but I was given permission to see it on my Ancestry account.  Although William and Robert are brothers, they got different DNA from their parents.  As of 1/1/21, William's ethnicity estimate is Scotland 28%, Wales 30%, England & Northwestern Europe 42% while Robert's is Scotland 44%, Wales 41%, England & Northwestern Europe 15%

TIP:  Do you know how to search by ID number on FamilySearch?  At the top of FamilySearch, click on search, then there will be a drop down where you can click on Family Tree.  On that page need to find where you click to search by ID number.  Can't find it... click here.  

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