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Ideas for you to help with:

1/1/21  Research Maria Mousley's (Lunn) father.   Maria's parents were not married when she was born.  She listed on her church records that her father was John Lunn.  In family search someone went to extensive research to find what they think is the right John Lunn.  Now we need to figure out who his parents were.  

1/1/21  Research Thomas Gould and Elizabeth Mousley's children.  Looks like there is a lot of missing information on FamilySearch for their children.  Elizabeth's oldest daughter, Maria Mousley is who is listed above.  

1/1/21  Research Richard Carter LZCG-S7R.  He may have a spouse or other children not listed in FamilySearch.   John C Carter, in the pedigree chart on this page, is his son.  

1/1/21  Research the pilgrims in 1620.  This line has a lot of pilgrims.  Even though this line has been researched back quite a bit, I bet there are a lot of inaccuracies.  You could search for records and verify the names that have been found.  Super fun history!  One of our ancestors was the first person born on American soil.  He was born on the Mayflower when it reached America, but the passengers hadn't yet got off the boat.  I'll try to find who this was.  

1/1/21  John Reynolds LH6B-TJG has a birthday listed after his mother's death.  See if you can get the correct information.  

1/1/21  What is the right spelling?  Is Ann Beddows, really Ann Beddoes?  I just noticed the spelling I have on my pedigree chart is different than the spelling on FamilySearch 9F95-SBF. 


1/1/21  What is the right name?  Is Polly Avery really Polly Mary Averell?  Family search ID L6RT-2RH. 

11/13/22  GET A DNA TEST!  Better yet... make sure the oldest living family members you have are tested.  If you don't understand why, research why... or just trust me, and get it done before they pass away.  

11/13/22  If you have an AncestryDNA test done, will you let me be a viewer?  My username is AprilThorupOaks, and my email is Click here to learn how! 

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