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Ideas for you to help with:

1/1/21  See Ardella Laird's son William L Park's DNA.  Click here.

1/1/21  Learn how to research using DNA.  Watch videos or read tutorials to figure out how to use DNA to research ancestors.  Note:  Ardella's son Robert also has had his DNA tested.  I can't link it here but I was given permission to see it on my Ancestry account.  Although William and Robert are brothers, they got different DNA from their parents.  As of 1/1/21, William's ethnicity estimate is Scotland 28%, Wales 30%, England & Northwestern Europe 42% while Robert's is Scotland 44%, Wales 41%, England & Northwestern Europe 15%

1/2/21  Mary James or Mary Thomas?  Family Search ID LH5D-MJG

1/2/21  Elizabeth Thomas or Mary Bowen?  KC61-2W8  My records said Mary Bowen was Mary Thomas' mother, but I'm not sure where I got that. 


1/2/21  Who are Daniel Thomas' parents?  KH7J-RYD 

1/3/21  Just for fun... see where Edward and Valeria Laird lived.  Click here.

11/13/22  GET A DNA TEST!  Better yet... make sure the oldest living family members you have are tested.  If you don't understand why, research why... or just trust me, and get it done before they pass away.  

11/13/22  If you have an AncestryDNA test done, will you let me be a viewer?  My username is AprilThorupOaks, and my email is Click here to learn how! 

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